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Building Reports, Info & Assistance

Building Reports, Info & Assistance

Builder in a dispute with Subcontractors or a Client? Client having trouble with a Builder or Contractor? 
Needing an independent estimate or evaluation? 
Legal Professional needing independent building litigation reports or estimates?
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Proconstruct Services affordable and friendly Building Reports, Information & Assistance service can help.

  • Wealth of Building Industry knowledge & experience

  • Preparation of Building & Construction Litigation Estimate Reports

  • Preparation of Documents for Dispute Resolution 

  • Independent comprehensive and accurate Estimates

  • Building specific information

  • We liaise with your Legal Professionals

  • Confidentiality & Impartiality

Building Solutions
"Conflict is inevitable, but combat
is optional" Max Lucado

All documents and reports are based on building knowledge and experience. All Estimates are created using a variety of Industry leading estimating software programs to give accurate results.


Proconstruct Services can prepare documents, estimates and reports to be presented to appropriate Legal Professionals, Department of Fair Trading, NCAT or Building & Construction bodies. Proconstruct can provide Industry knowledge and assistance to builders and clients. 


*** Proconstruct will refer clients to Industry bodies and professionals as deemed necessary. Proconstruct will inform clients of the need to seek professional legal advice ***


Contact us today to see how we can assist you in navigating tricky situations to bring about positive outcomes. 

Finding the best solution for you is what we are about.

Clarification: Proconstruct Services are not Building Inspectors. We offer independent costing and estimating. 

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