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Our Team

Our Team

Kim Cubby
Proconstruct Services supports various sectors of the building industry and a variety of clients, as an extension of your business or construction project. At Proconstruct, your profitability and project risk management is our business.

"As a kid I always built the best cubby houses.  


That's how I got involved in the Building and Construction Industry. After working within the industry for a lifetime, I have gathered extensive knowledge in and around the areas of Estimating, Project Management and Contracts Administration. 


I really feel for the new generation of builders coming up in the industry and want to share that knowledge in ways that will build skills and create larger percentages in profitability per project. I know how hard the industry can be!

So I started Proconstruct Services. A supportive set of products and services - designed by builders, for builders. Our team has the knowledge and experience that you need to get ahead, and stay ahead, in the industry of building and construction."

From Kim

Kim Gritten

Director & Projects Administrator

Alison Sutton

Office Manager, Sales 


“We don’t just read a plan… we read the building and the whole project”


The team know him as the leader with the sense of humour.


Kim has over 50 years building industry knowledge and experience. He is a rare breed, possesses a wealth of industry and building knowledge, highly respected and the heart and soul of Proconstruct. He operates our Professional Building Estimating and Construction Services from Red Head, NSW (Mid-North Coast).


With a background in domestic and commercial projects in his own award-winning building & construction company, Kim is fluent in "builder talk".  He understands what keeps

you awake at night. Understanding the needs and psyche of builders is his specialty and he thrives on good old fashioned customer service with honesty and integrity.


He created Proconstruct Services to provide quality, affordable, service orientated solutions in the areas of Estimating, Project Management, Contracts Administration, Reports & Assistance and Mentoring & Training Packages. He is passionate about getting the word out about our cost & time saving service and keen to see Builders revolutionise their estimating with our custom-designed, affordable and rapid take-off Estimating Data Tools. 


Kim likes watching Rugby, sailing and spending time with family.

 “Every client is a valuable VIP and they’re our greatest asset. We're all about creating quality relationships ”

The team know her as Wonder Woman wearing multiple hats in any give day.

Alison operates our Admin & Sales Office in Lake Macquarie, NSW and coordinates all our admin, sales, team and of course organises Kim. 


Her extensive experience in administration, customer service, sales & marketing in the building industry ensures the team is always working at maximum productivity for our clients.


Alison operates our Office in Lake Macquarie, NSW and coordinates all our admin, team and of course organises Kim.

Alison understands the benefits that our clients experience when they use our custom designed Estimating Data tools, individually tailored Mentoring & Training services and signing up with one of our Affordable Packages.

 Her fun, caring and friendly manner ensures our clients feel at ease and the cuppas and biscuits flow freely.

If you need assistance but don't know where to start... Ask Alison she always has her hand on the pulse of all things.


Alison likes arts and crafts, singing, writing and relaxing with friends. 

We also have a team of quality External Estimators and qualified Project Managers who work with us. 

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet 

Proconstruct Services are all about building relationships and we love to do a Meet and Greet with potential clients and enjoy catching up with our existing valued clients.  

Whether it be a cuppa in Newcastle/ Lake Macquarie or the Mid Coast NSW, or location that suits you...we have an M & G just for you. 

We appreciate it is not always possible to do a Face to Face. M & G's via Zoom / WhatsApp are also available. 
Bookings are essential. Contact our Office Manager today. 

We look forward to chatting with you soon

Image by Alejandro Escamilla
Image by Heather Barnes

* Mid-Coast and surrounding areas Meet and Greets will be conducted onsite or at a location that suits you. M & G's will also be conducted via Zoom/WhatsApp.


* Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast: Alison is available to meet at a location to suit. Kim comes regularly to the area and will meet with Builders as required at a mutual location.

* Bookings are essential. Contact our Admin office on 0432 597 596 for an appointment.

* No Sales Rep Face-to-Face appointments. 

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